Haslem Udonis disrespecting Boston Celtics legend Bill Russell

Retired Miami Heat veteran Udonis Haslem recently made comments that were seen as disrespectful towards Boston Celtics legend Bill Russell. Haslem, in an attempt to motivate his team before a game against Boston, singled out Russell’s retired No. 6 jersey hanging in the Celtics’ arena, which honors Russell for his contributions to the sport and his advocacy for civil rights.


Jaylen Brown, a standout forward for the Celtics, and other players across the league swiftly came to Russell’s defense. Russell is widely respected for his activism and his significant impact both on and off the court.


While it is not uncommon for players to use hype tactics to rally their teams, Haslem’s choice to target one of basketball’s most revered figures has caused controversy.


The hosts of the “How Bout Them Celtics!” podcast recently criticized Haslem for his ill-advised words

Gideon Canice

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