Levi Colwill reveals why he’s glad Mauricio Pochettino made big lineup decision

Despite this, Pochettino has continued to implement his Colwill plan, it seems that a decision will be made in October, especially since Ben Chilwell is not available. “I am delighted with Levi and his performance. He is displaying great character and providing the team with excellent balance,” Pochettino commented when asked about Chilwell’s return to the starting lineup for a Carabao Cup match against Brighton.


Colwill himself has now discussed his change in position, highlighting the variances between each role and expressing his satisfaction with Pochettino’s ongoing experiment. “One the main differences is where you receive the ball. As a full-back, you often receive it right on the touchline, limiting your passing options,” Colwill explained during an interview with Presenter Olivia Buzaglo. “As a center-back, you have more control over the situation. You can break the lines, play forward, and attacks. However, as a full-back, these options are more restricted due to the presence of the opposing winger. You can only pass back to the center-back or the midfielder. Mauricio recognizes that I am primarily a center-back, but he believes this positional experiment will benefit my development. By experiencing the full-back, I will gain a better understanding of what is expected from me in that position. This knowledge will be valuable as I progress in my career, and if the need ever arises for me to play as a full-back, I will be well-prepared

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