The Red Sox have reportedly made a significant move to strengthen their starting rotation by signing an All-Star pitcher.

The Boston Red Sox finally shook things up in their rotation after months of inactivity. Craig Breslow, the Red Sox chief baseball officer, has been talking for months about his desire to add multiple starting pitchers. Finally, he made a signing that really makes a difference. According to ESPN’s Jeffan, the Red Sox and right-hander Lucas Giolito have agreed to a two-year, $38.5 million contract, with an opt-out option after the first season. This is a big move for Boston, and now the question is: Will they make more signings? Giolito’s numbers from last season may not be outstanding, with a 4.88 ERA, but he has shown flashes of dominance earlier in his career. His high strikeout rate and ability to eat up innings will be valuable for a team that struggled defensively last year. At 29 years old, Giolito is a polarizing figure in the world of starting pitchers. His career has been inconsistent, but his potential is undeniable. Breslow made a smart move by signing him to a short-term deal, considering his recent fluctuations in performance. From 2019 to 2021, Giolito had a 3.47 ERA and earned an All-Star nod, as well as three top-11 finishes in AL Cy Young voting. However, in his last 63 starts, his ERA has been 4.89. Overall, the Red Sox have made an intriguing addition to their rotation with Giolito. With his potential and the short-term deal, it’s a calculated risk that could pay off for Boston.

Gideon Canice

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