Who won the last regular season game between the Browns and the Texans?

In the first game of the postseason, we’ve got an intriguing matchup between the Browns and Texans, but what’s the head-to-head between these two?

The Browns were forced to turn to a veteran albeit Super Bowl-winning quarterback in their hunt for cover under center. As for the Texans, they’ve got a star without a doubt, but one who was just six years old when the aforementioned veteran made his NFL debut. Can excellence trump experience?

On Saturday evening, the Cleveland Browns will take on the Houston Texans in a 2023-24 NFL Wild Card game, meaning there is a spot in the AFC’s divisional round at stake. As we mentioned before, there is an interesting talking point when it comes to the quarterbacks of either team i.e. it’s Joe Flacco vs C.J. Stroud. Yet, it would be negligent of us if we didn’t mention the others. For starters, there’s the fact that the Browns have won just one single playoff game since January 1st, 1995, which is to say they are just about due a big performance.

Of course, we’ve got to touch on the Texans’ quarterback a little more. The No. 2 overall pick in the 2023′s NFL Draft, C.J. Stroud has shown that he’s all of that and then some, as he set the single-game passing yardage mark for a rookie (470) and the record for most passes to start a career without an interception. Truth be told, this could well be one of the most exciting games of the first round. This of course brings us to the history that exists between the two teams. Let’s get into it.


The Browns and Texans have played a total of 14 games against each other and things have been split evenly down the middle with the teams both on an overall record of 7-7 (50%). It’s worth noting, however, that the Browns are currently on a 4-game winning streak against their opponents on Saturday.

Interestingly, the Cleveland Browns and Houston Texans have never met in the NFL playoffs, meaning that Saturday’s game is set to be an intense affair.

It wasn’t that long ago. Back on Christmas Eve of last year (December 24th, 2023), the Browns managed to secure a 36-22 win on the road over the Texans. Needless to say, they will be hoping for more of the same on Saturday evening.


Gideon Canice

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