Lewis Hamilton’s Prison Visit: Shares Heartwarming Story of Convict Sentenced to 40 Years

Being a Formula 1 driver, one hardly gets time to catch up with their hobbies or spend time with family, even during the breaks. So every second an F1 driver, especially someone as popular as Lewis Hamilton, spends doing something out of their comfort zone is a precious second. Hamilton often takes time out to cater to his charitable work and takes time out for his fans. He showcased this side of him during a prison visit as well, where he came across a heartwarming promise.

The Brit made a revelation about his visit to a prison in the latest Mercedes video on their YouTube channel. In the Cute Dogs Help Lewis Answer Fan Questions! video Hamilton told an extremely heartwarming story of how animals have massive impacts on everyone’s lives, including convicts.

“I went to visit a prison. They had all these dogs there and they’ve learned to connect these prisoners that have never experienced love. You see them just like melt with these dogs. This guy that had been in there for 40 years he’s like ‘I’m getting out six months’ and he’s like ‘I’m going to open up a pet store and I’m going to be looking after dogs and like rehoming the animals. I was like, that’s crazy. It just shows how much they can change people’s lives,” revealed the Brit.

If correction is the goal in these facilities, introducing animals is a way to go because we have not heard a more endearing tale of ‘correction’. We are sure Hamilton would’ve been very proud as well because his goals in life are similar, make the world a better, more inclusive place.

Yes, winning races, championships and breaking records were goals in Hamilton’s life when he was growing up. However, after achieving those goals, his focus has shifted completely. He has become more aware of his surroundings, which has made him increasingly concerned about the lack of diversity in the world of F1.

This scenario has shifted Hamilton’s focus toward increasing diversity because he feels he will be the last of his kind in the sport. This is exactly what he revealed while talking to an interviewer during a Mercedes promotional event last year.

Gideon Canice

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