“He’s never been mad at me once” – When Fred Couples narrated a story to reveal his special relationship with Tiger Woods

A few months ago, Couples was a guest on the Golf magazine’s The Scoop podcast hosted by Claire Rodgers. The pair spoke about a plethora of topics, inlcuding Couples’ relationship with Woods.

The 1992 Masters winner professed his love for the golf icon, saying that the pair were very close outside of the sport. He said:

“He’s never been mad at me once,” Couples said about Tiger Woods. “So he loves me. I love him. I would love to practice with him. It’s something I’ve never done. I just would like to go hang with him for three days. But when that time comes, it’ll come. But believe it or not, as close as we are, I’m never gonna say, ‘Hey, I’ll wait for him.’ So if he sees this, he might say. But the poor guy, I told him I’d give him my ankle if I could. I just love the guy.”

He shared one anecdote from a couple of occasions where he gave game advice to Woods and his former caddie, Joe LaCava. He said:

“I would say something like, ‘You, Tiger, I have an idea for you.’ He said, ‘What is it?’ I’d say, ‘I know you got the TPC coming in Augusta. I think you should play.’ I told him to play the Rattlesnake Club because I played only a few times there and I played well.”

“I didn’t get a text back, and then the next day, I didn’t get a text, and then the next day, I called Joe. And I said, ‘Joe, I think I might have gone too far here.’ And he said, ‘Well, actually, he talked to me about playing. He almost won. He had a shot at birdie on the last hole. I don’t know if he doesn’t need me telling him what to do, but that’s Tiger.





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