Celtics Finding Joy in Basketball and Each Other’s Company: ‘We’ve Been Blessed’

Teams are a second family that often spends more time with each other than who’s waiting for them at home. A group that enjoys being together helps cultivate a chemistry that can prove beneficial on the court.

Wednesday night at TD Garden, the Boston Celtics improved their NBA-leading record to 32-9, earning a 117-98 victory vs. Victor Wembanyama and the San Antonio Spurs.

They’re the only team with at least 30 wins this season. They’re also 20-0 on their parquet, building on the franchise record they’ve already set for the best home start to a campaign.

And while their talent is fueling their success, and they’re widely considered to have assembled the best top six in the Association, Boston’s willingness to sacrifice and put the group over themselves as individuals and team chemistry are also crucial ingredients.

It’s reflected in numerous ways, including genuinely rooting for their teammates and enjoying each other’s company. Another example where that shined through was in a recent photo the team posted of the group together on their flight home from Monday’s

After Wednesday’s win against the Spurs, Jaylen Brown, who registered 21 points, seven rebounds, five assists, a steal, and a block, conveyed that stopping to take a team picture on the plane is something the Celtics might not have done since his rookie year.

“It’s been a pleasure,” the two-time All-Star expressed while discussing this group’s comradery. “I’ve been on some great teams, and we’ve had some great locker rooms, and this marks up with one of the best groups and teams and character that we’ve had. We all get along. It’s a good atmosphere. We got guys that come to work every day that are trying to improve and get better and all of that stuff you don’t take for granted because you hear other things in other locker rooms, and it don’t always be that way. So, the last few years, I think we’ve been blessed, I’ve been personally blessed to have a great locker room.”

Considering how much time the members that make up a team spend with each other, becoming a second family and in many cases, being around this one more than their families at home, having an environment that makes it fun to come to work, be on the plane, the bus, or the locker room, helps cultivate a chemistry that can prove beneficial on the court and makes it that much easier to sacrifice for one’s teammates.

When asked about how much fun this season has been, Jrue Holiday, who generated 22 points, four assists, and four rebounds vs. San Antonio, voiced, “I think it’s really fun. And I think it’s really important just to find the joy in basketball.

“Sometimes, during this time in January to All-Star break (it) can get a little lethargic (and) (it) can get a little slow or feel like games are just on top of each other, especially with the travel,” adding, “It could be a lot. But I think to find different challenges for our team, you find that joy in basketball is really big right now.”



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