Will the 49ers Offense Start Slow Against the Packers?

The 49ers haven’t played a meaningful game in more than a month. How will that affect their offense this Saturday against the Packers?


The last game the 49ers played that actually mattered was on Dec. 10 when they clinched a playoff berth with a 28-16 win over the Seahawks. Since then, the 49ers have been on cruise control with almost zero playoff pressure. In addition, their starters didn’t play all of Week 18, and they’re coming off a bye week.


Will the 49ers offense start slow against the Packers?


Keep in mind, the Packers have played essentially four playoff games in a row, considering they had to win their final three regular season games just to make the playoffs, then they had to play in the Wild Card round and they won. So they’re not rusty. They’ve been in postseason form for a month. That doesn’t mean they’re better than the 49ers, but they don’t have to be better than the 49ers to win. They just have to be better than the 49ers for three hours.


So I ask again, will the 49ers offense start slow against the Packers?


It shouldn’t.


Kyle Shanahan is an excellent coach whose game plan and opening play script both should be outstanding. I fully expect the 49ers to score on their opening drive like they typically do. And I fully expect the 49ers to play like they haven’t taken any time off, because they’re a veteran team that has been in the playoffs three times in the past four seasons — they know what to expect and how to prepare. This is not a new experience for them.


Could be a high-scoring game

Gideon Canice

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