Cowboys Wanted To Hire Belichick, But Coach Is Scared Of ‘Big Dallas Media

FRISCO- We’ve been waiting to see how the national media outlets that were completely wrong about connecting Bill Belichick to the Dallas Cowboys would backpedal from their errant reporting, or massage their way out of the message, or maybe even flat apologize for swinging and missing.

Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio is opting to go another direction: He’s doubling down on his bogus report, now insisting that the Cowboys were interested in Belichick, but that the reason a hire didn’t materialize – leaving Dallas stuck with the retention of Mike McCarthy – is because Belichick didn’t show interest back.

Writes Pro Football Talk (with an attempt at a straight face): “As to the Cowboys and the Eagles, there’s also a belief in some league circles that both teams expressed interest in Belichick, that Belichick didn’t reciprocate, and that those teams then decided to stick with their current coaches.”

Want a facet to this report that might be the most laughable of all, especially if one was to ask Belichick? Florio claims that Belichick doesn’t want to deal with ‘big-market media” like the one he had to deal with in New England, and that a likely move to Atlanta is the result of that.



Gideon Canice

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