“Sunday Red” trademark: Is Tiger Woods setting up a new clothing brand with TaylorMade?

Tiger Woods’ recent shake-up in his sponsorship deals has golf fans buzzing with anticipation.

After bidding farewell to Nike, Woods seems poised to embark on a new sartorial journey with his equipment sponsor, TaylorMade.

While the details remain shrouded in mystery, there’s a possibility that TaylorMade could be developing an exclusive apparel line or collaborating with another clothing brand.

Inspired by his mother’s influence and the cultural significance of red in Thailand, where each day is associated with a specific color, Woods has sported the powerful hue throughout his career.

Surprisingly, this isn’t the first time “Sunday Red” sought a trademark. Nike Inc. previously filed for it in 2009 but withdrew the application in 2011.

The recent trademark filings by TaylorMade suggest a renewed interest in capturing the essence of Woods’ signature look.

Woods’ departure from Nike opened the door for TaylorMade to expand its partnership beyond clubs.

The anticipation grew when TaylorMade, on the heels of the Tiger-Nike split, retweeted a Fore Play podcast promo with the caption ‘Stay tuned.’




Gideon Canice

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