Daniel Ricciardo’s Red Bull Chances Questioned – “Will Be Tough

Former F1 driver Johnny Herbert analyses Daniel Ricciardo’s chances of getting back into a full-time Red Bull seat.

Former F1 driver Johnny Herbert has discussed Daniel Ricciardo’s potential return to Red Bull, questioning the changes the Australian driver needs to make to regain a top seat. Herbert expressed doubts about Ricciardo’s ability to outperform his teammates and earn a spot at Red Bull, citing his recent performance compared to his early career.

Herbert’s Analysis: Johnny Herbert believes that Daniel Ricciardo must significantly outperform his teammate to have a chance at returning to Red Bull. He highlights the need for Ricciardo to improve beyond his previous form, especially when he was racing against a younger Max Verstappen.

Ricciardo’s Racing Style: Herbert notes Ricciardo’s previous reputation as a great racer and overtaker, but expresses concern over his performance in the past few years, suggesting that the changes Ricciardo plans might not be enough.

Uncertain Future: While acknowledging the possibility of improvement, Herbert remains uncertain about Ricciardo’s chances of regaining a seat at Red Bull, considering the high standards and competition in the team.

Daniel Ricciardo – Red Bull

Australian driver Daniel Ricciardo has had a noteworthy career in Formula 1. He made his debut in 2011 with HRT, before moving to Toro Rosso in 2012, and eventually joining Red Bull Racing in 2014. During his time at Red Bull, Ricciardo emerged as a formidable competitor, known for his aggressive overtaking and cheerful personality. He secured several race victories, showcasing his skill and potential as a top driver in the sport.


However, Ricciardo’s move to Renault in 2019 and later to McLaren in 2021 marked a shift in his career trajectory. His performances at these teams, while still commendable, did not mirror the high standards he set during his tenure at Red Bull. This has led to speculation about his future in F1 and whether he could make a return to a top team like Red Bull.

According to Herbert;

“Daniel [Ricciardo] had a certain way of racing when he came in and got his chance at Red Bull. Now he feels he needs to change things to make himself better. Well, it worked originally. But what is going to change to make him better than he was when he was up against Max, albeit when Max was in his early days?

According to Herbert;

“He had a great reputation, was a great racer, a great over-taker, but it hasn’t quite been there over the last couple of years. Can he turn it around? In my heart I think it will be tough.

“The only way he will earn the Red Bull seat next year is by blowing the doors off his team mate and he wasn’t able to do that last year. Will the changes make him better and stronger, leaner and faster? Possibly. But I am not sure.”



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