Taylor Swift: simply being at NFL playoff games has made the sport better. Deal with it.

If the NFL were to put out an honorary Taylor Swift jersey, it would outsell every other jersey in sports entertainment.

Listen, it’s Sunday and the NFL playoffs are in full swing. Let us not waste time with the pleasantries of me trying to build up to a big reveal of what this column is about.  

Taylor Swift isn’t ruining the NFL or football, despite what some of you and actual Hall of Famers claim. She’s too busy to bother with that. And she may well be too busy this weekend living her best life in a luxury stadium box, cheering on boyfriend Travis Kelce and his Kansas City Chiefs as they play the Buffalo Bills, to worry about whether NFL fans’ fragile emotions will survive her apparent happiness.  

The league and the people who run it have done everything they can in recent years to ruin the sport and to take advantage of the fandom along the way.  

From bush league refereeing to random rule changes that impact everything from kickoffs to the kind of socks players can wear, there is a lengthy list that points to why the game has lost much of what made it fun to watch. 

Gideon Canice

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