It’s impossible to hand out complete NFL Draft grades the day players are picked, as full context — multiple seasons’ worth — is needed for an exercise like that. However, we can do our best to chart progress along the way.

Which brings us to our 2023 All-Rookie Team. Our NFL Draft staff voted, position by position, on the standouts from the ’23 class. Who led the way in Year One?

No mystery here: Stroud was the top rookie in the NFL this season. One year in the league and Stroud already has more playoff wins than Justin Herbert, Tua Tagovailoa and Derek Carr. His 273.9 passing yards per game led the league — Josh Allen has reached that number just once in his six NFL seasons.

Aside from the stats and records, Stroud’s ability to play at such a high level versus NFL speed leaves you believing that he can be one of the game’s best quarterbacks sooner rather than later. 

What if the Panthers took C.J. Stroud? If Rodgers never got hurt? An alternative look at the 2023 NFL season



Gideon Canice

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