Lewis Hamilton offers insight into post-F1 plans as ‘sabbatical’ idea considered

Mercedes star Lewis Hamilton has offered an insight into what he might do once he hangs up his Formula One helmet.

Lewis Hamilton has floated the idea of taking a sabbatical from motorsport once he calls time on his Formula One career. The seven-time world champion insists that he cannot imagine himself not driving a vehicle in a hint that he will continue in motosport long after leaving F1.

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Hamilton turned 39 earlier in January and may not have much longer to chase a record eighth World Championship. Although he says winning another title – which would put him ahead of Michael Schumacher – would not necessarily prompt him to retire.

The Briton says he struggles to imagine a world in which he is not racing, and therefore believes taking a sabbatical from the sport would be the ideal path to take after his time in F1 comes to an end. It would allow Hamilton to realise if he misses racing and whether he wants to enter a new formula.

“I never said that an eighth title would be the end point. And I don’t know what follows after driving in Formula One,” the Mercedes star told Formula 1 Magazine ahead of the 2024 season.

“I don’t necessarily feel the desire to remain active in Formula One any longer, but as I said before: never say ‘never’. I can’t imagine not riding anymore and still being in a pit box somewhere.

“I would probably think: ‘I could stick with it for another year, then I can still participate.’ So it would probably be better to take a sabbatical and then see if I would still like to come back.”



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