Tiger Woods-Nike Deal Not Fully Severed? Reality Involving Scottie Scheffler and Tommy Fleetwood Paints a Clearer Picture

It has been seventeen days since the 27-year-long partnership between Tiger Woods and Nike came to an end. Woods is reportedly joining TaylorMade for his new apparel partnership, as he joined them in 2016 when Nike stopped producing golf equipment, but it seems that the Woods-Nike story is still not over.

Yes, the contract has been announced to be canceled from Nike and Woods’s side, but looking at Nike’s website indicates that the story of Nike-Woods is running. More so as best of the golf, Scottie Scheffler and Tommy Fleetwood sport the TW line as recently as last week.

On 8th January, Tiger Woods released a statement confirming the rumors of his split from Nike. The brand that stood by him through thick and thin and was also one of his first deals when he became a pro in 1996 had unfortunately parted ways.

The newsworthy post was not as shocking because the rumors of the Woods-Nike split have been brewing for quite some time, particularly since 2022. Two years before the split, Woods appeared to wear FootJoy at the 2022 Masters and enticed the decades-old partnership’s slow death.



Gideon Canice

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