Boston Celtics: had an answer to every defense Miami threw at them: Kristaps Porzingis

The Heat are an annoying team because it always feels like they’re over-performing their talent. Whatever you think of them or how good they should be, they’re always just better enough than that to make non-Miami fans pull their hair out (this is not why I’m bald, but it might have been if I had hair during the Erik Spoelstra-as-coaching-god era). 

Part of that is because he not only gets the absolute best out of most of his players, but also because he and his staff are wizards at game planning for opponents. They know weaknesses as well or better than most teams, and they find every possible way to not only exploit them, but to bait players into playing right into the teeth of what they’re planning. 

This is how they consistently have tripped up Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown at the worst possible times. And beyond knowing tendencies, they know what outlets Boston has had to alleviate the pressure on their two stars. 

“He just makes us really hard to guard,” Tatum said after Boston’s blowout win over Miami. “Somebody his size, obviously can shoot, take advantage of mismatches. You gotta make a decision. Are you going to switch and you put a small on him and we throw it to him? Are you going being in drop an he drags a big out and we throw it to him and he shoots a 3? So I think just having him out there just presents so many challenges for other teams.”

Miami found that out in this game, and all without a ton of creativity from the Celtics outside of reading and reacting to situations. 


Gideon Canice

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