NFL: won’t allow Super Bowl players to gamble during week in Las Vegas

When the NFL holds the Super Bowl in Las Vegas for the first time next month, fans, media members, sponsors and league personnel will descend on the gambling capital of the United States. But players on the two participating teams will be barred from betting in any form that week, including on casino games or any sport.

That prohibition, part of a modified gambling policy for players distributed Sept. 29 by the league to teams, players and the NFL Players Association, is a component of the league’s evolving relationship with gambling, which will be under intense scrutiny during the week leading up to Super Bowl LVIII on Feb. 11 at Allegiant Stadium.

NFL players who are in Las Vegas but are not members of the participating teams are permitted to engage in legal gambling but are prohibited from betting on the NFL and from entering a sportsbook until after the Super Bowl.

Coaches and players from the two teams competing in the Super Bowl will spend the week leading up to the game in Las Vegas. Many other NFL players routinely show up in the Super Bowl host city for related events during the week.

The participating teams will be determined Sunday by the winners of the two conference championship games. The Baltimore Ravens host the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC matchup, and the San Francisco 49ers host the Detroit Lions in the NFC game.



Gideon Canice

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