Greg Norman’s Advice to Tiger Woods Helped Mold His Career and Life Better? Insider Makes an Unexpected Revelation

If you could get some advice from Greg Norman, would you take it? Well, Tiger Woods did. In the early days of their careers, when Woods and Norman were assumed to be each other’s rivals, the 82-time PGA Tour winner got an interesting and helpful investment suggestion from the LIV Golf CEO, that could help Woods with his work-life balance.

Along with competing on the course, another important part that comes with the job for golfers is traveling! The incident and the traveling challenges that a pro has to do in their hectic career were unearthed by Claude Harmon on his podcast, Son of a Butch.

While talking to LIV golfer Richard Bland, the podcast host, talked about how traveling wears the golfers down, as they do it several times in a season. Claude Harmon recalled one time when his father, Claude Harmon, was working with Greg Norman, and Norman told Tiger Woods how to solve the issue of getting to spend more time with his family.

Harmon highlighted that private jet travel has become the norm on the PGA Tour now. But it was learned “from Jack Nicklaus.” Moreover, he counted that all the greats; “Nicklaus had his own jet. Palmer had his own jet. Greg got his own jet.” So, when Woods was turning pro, Norman told him, “Tiger invest in private jet travel, especially in America.”

The reason behind the 24-time PGA Tour winner’s advice was that traveling via a private jet would allow the golfer to “get a night at home,” and it would be helpful when he would “have a family one day.” Moreover, he weighed in on how much spending time with the family affects a golfer’s mindset.

Harmon pointed out how becoming a golfer looks like a cakewalk, but it is not as glamorous as publicized and is indeed a demanding profession. Talking about the expensive private jet travel, Harmon detailed why it was important to invest in one.

The veteran golf instructor explained that traveling with a jet facilitates going to and from work faster. Additionally, when golfers are playing overseas, it enables them to meet their families even for a day and then play the competition.

Harmon said that if a golfer can spend only a few hours with their family and sleep in their bed, “the reset that it gives you is enormous.” Harmon usually travels with golfers, as he is a top teacher for most pros and has taught players like Rickie Fowler, Brooks Koepka, Dustin Johnson, and many more. Through his latest podcast, he gave a bit of insight into what being a golfer is like.

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