Temps were low but excitement is high” – Tiger Woods visits Mike Trout’s private golf field as Angels star’s ‘Trout National’ project takes shape

It is a combination for the ages as MLB great Mike Trout and golfing icon Tiger Woods is something that sports fans are clamoring over. the Los Angeles Angels superstar and arguably the greatest golfer of all time have been hanging out together at Trout’s golf course, which is making noticeable progress.

Known as Trout National – The Reserve, the Los Angeles Angels outfielder has collaborated with businessman John Ruga to create a state-of-the-art golf course in the southern New Jersey area. The design of the course was done with the assistance of Tiger Woods’ company TGR Design.

The three-time MVP said, “Temps were low but excitement is high” after he and Tiger looked at the progress made on the course. Trout National – The Reserve will feature world-class amenities along with top-tier 18 holes for golfers. There are a number of natural obstacles that are sure to wow golfers in the southern New Jersey area, including rolling hills and thick forests.

The course will feature a number of other amenities aside from the 18 holes. Mike Trout’s golfing paradise will also feature short courses and putting courses, as well as a clubhouse, chapel and five-star lodging. If everything goes according to plan, it will surely be a golfing destination for fans and players from across the world.



Gideon Canice

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