Tony Romo draws an interesting comparison between his less-than-stellar announcing skills and Tiger Woods in a rather unconventional analogy.

I’m not positive, because you can’t really interpret much of what Tony Romo says nowadays, but I think – I think – he just compared himself to Patrick Mahomes and Tiger Woods.

So, you know – do with that information what you wish.

“It’s a normal arc of someone’s career,” Romo said this week ahead of next Sunday’s Super Bowl in response to all the pitchforks out to get him recently.

“Honestly, I think a lot of people were rooting against [Patrick] Mahomes because he’s been there. They want to see people new.

“It’s just part of an arc when you do something at a very high level. I think that’s normal. Same thing happens in football. You become dominant at things and then all of a sudden people are like, ‘OK.’

“Then at the end, Tiger Woods comes back and everyone roots for you. It’s just a normal arc of a career. It’s not abnormal. It’s absolutely what’s supposed to happen.”

Tony Romo makes an all-time comparison that even I respect

Honestly, I sort of respect this little pivot from Tony Romo. He’s been under attack from you, me and all of our mothers for about two months now because he seems to have lost his broadcasting fastball.

Romo, who’s been alongside Jim Nantz since 2017 in the CBS booth, hasn’t really responded to any of the criticism. Frankly, I don’t think he’s said anything about it since last summer when the rumblings began.

But that all changed earlier this week with that above little analogy that will only throw gasoline on the already-raging fire.

And it gets better!

“If you liked our broadcast and you said, ‘Wow, I love Jim Nantz and Tony Romo,’ and you said that on there on your tweet, are you going to keep doing that every week, or would that make you look a little silly?” he said, adding that he thinks a lot of the critics are just keyboard warriors.

“I think there’s far more people who I see every single day who come up and love our broadcast and our team and CBS and what we do, and I hear that and feel that. And you can feel it in life. There’s so many people that have said they love us.

“And so you’re going to have the negative aspects that come in from time to time, but those things are normal. That’s what’s supposed to happen through the arc. I’m telling you, there (are) a lot of people who…if I went on there and sent a tweet out of ‘Hey, do you guys still like us?,’ I think you’d hear about it all over again.”

Please – PLEASE – send out that tweet, Tony Romo. I’m begging you. It would be anarchy. He’d have to shut down his account. Please do it.

Look, I’ve been a huge Romo hater all year, mainly because he’s so outwardly biased towards Josh Allen and Pat Mahomes. But beyond that, he’s just not that good anymore. He used to be must-listen TV. Now, the shtick has clearly grown old and people are tired of it.

But I’m also fair, and I even said last week that I thought Romo was pretty good in Sunday’s AFC title game. Certainly wasn’t his worst performance of the year, which isn’t a high bar to set but you have to start somewhere.

Hell, maybe Tony’s career arc is right on track!

Next thing you know, he’ll be getting hit over the head with a golf club (JIIIIIIIMMMMMM!) and we’ll all be rooting for him again.


Gideon Canice

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