Too cool for school”: Former WNBA player criticizes Boston Celtics for lack of leadership and a step up guy

The Boston Celtics suffered a 114-105 loss to the LA Lakers on Thursday. Boston thought its historic rival would just give up, considering LeBron James and Anthony Davis weren’t cleared to play. The Celtics played lethargic, and the Lakers punished them for it.

Leading into the game, James told reporters that the only message he could give to his teammates was to ask them “to do their jobs.” The four-time MVP didn’t play, but it was easy to see the impact his words had on his teammates. Without two of their best players, the Lakers proved that they were not going to wilt.

Former WNBA player Chiney Ogwumike, who now works as an analyst for ESPN, had this to say about the Boston Celtics’ performance:

“There’s such a thing as being too chill. At times I feel like the Celtics are maybe a little bit too cool for school. … They didn’t show up. They were a little bit too casual early on. Someone has to get mad, someone has to put the foot down. My question is, who is going to be that person when it matters most?”





Gideon Canice

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