FSU Faculty Senate bestows Torch Awards on esteemed members of university community

Florida State University’s Faculty Senate bestowed five members of the university community with Torch Awards in a ceremony Thursday, Jan. 18, recognizing their contributions to advancing the university’s academic excellence.

“You embody the values that Florida State University holds dear,” FSU President Richard McCullough told honorees during the ceremony. “We appreciate everything you have done to make the university what it is today.”

FSU Provost James Clark presided over the ceremony, held at the Heritage Museum in Dodd Hall.

The Faculty Senate Torch Awards were established in 1996 as a way for faculty to honor friends of FSU who have made sustained and significant contributions to the university’s academic mission.

Awards are named for the three torches emblazoned upon the FSU seal. The three categories of Torch Awards are: Vires, representing moral, physical and intellectual strength; Artes, conveying an appreciation of aesthetics and the beauty of intellectual pursuits; and Mores, symbolizing respect for customs, character and tradition.



Gideon Canice

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