Is Kyle Hamilton related to Tiger Woods? Exploring the relationship between the two

Kyle Hamilton and Tiger Woods have enormous talent for their respective sports, but there is no other connection between them. Although Hamilton called himself a “cousin” of the 15-time Major champion, the truth is that it was all a joke.

Tiger Woods and Kyle Hamilton are not related at all. Their families are completely different and even their ancestors come from different parts of the world.


While Tiger Woods was born and raised in California, Kyle Hamilton was born in Greece and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. Hamilton’s father hails from Mobile, Alabama, while his mother has South Korean roots.

Tiger Woods, meanwhile, was born to an American father and a Thai mother. His roots go back to several other places in the world, but none related to Kyle Hamilton in any way.

The rumor that Kyle Hamilton is related to Tiger Woods seems to have stemmed from a joke made by the National Football League (NFL) star himself. Hamilton participated in the 2024 NFL Pro Bowl Skills showdown and introduced himself as Woods’ “cousin.”

This introduction of Hamilton was posted by numerous social media accounts and has gone viral. Even more so after in the golf test (closest to the pin), one of his balls shanked to the right after a completely unfortunate swing.

Why did Kyle Hamilton claim to be “related” to Tiger Woods?

Kyle Hamilton was a member of the American Football Conference (AFC) defensive team for the 2024 Pro Bowl Games.

As part of the Pro Bowl Games, six players from each team participated in a closest-to-the-pin contest, one of golf’s most popular events. It was at that time that Hamilton introduced himself as Tiger Woods’ “cousin.”

Although the reason for such a claim has not been disclosed, it could be presumed that it was to brag about the skills Hamilton considers himself to have for golf. What is certain is that it was a joke in the framework of this unofficial event.

The Pro Bowl Games is an exhibition event held prior to the NFL Super Bowl. The 2024 edition is the second to be held. The event consists of two teams of 22 players each, selected by the fans. One team represents the AFC and the other the National Football League (NFL).

The Pro Bowl Games consist of several skill tests. For the 2024 edition, 10 tests were held, including precision passing, best catch, closest to the pin (golf) and flag football.

The event was held over two days, on Thursday, February 1 and this Sunday, February 4. After the first day, the NFL team led the event by 15 points to 6.


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