Delco’s Susan Noles officiated Thursday’s ‘Golden Bachelor’ wedding. Here were our 4 favorite moments.

Delco’s own Susan Noles had plenty of star moments in the ceremony for Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist. Here are our favorite moments.

Susan Noles had plenty of star moments during her stint as wedding officiant for the ‘Golden Bachelor’ wedding between Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist.Read moreJohn & Joseph Photography / Disney


We’re not the only ones who thought so. Across social media, praise for Noles rolled in during the two-hour special. “I am watching for HER and HER only,” one tweet with a photo of Noles said. “Petition to have Susan officiate ALL Bachelor Nation Weddings from this moment forward!!” said another.


As Nist, 70, chose between Badgley Mischka dresses for the big night, Noles was one of the handful of friends and family selected to come along for moral support. She offered to help with Nist’s hair, makeup, or anything else, she told Glamour, calling back to Nist’s first date with Turner, where Noles curled Nist’s hair. A girl’s girl through and through, she even started tearing up when Nist tried on the winning gown.


During a scene filmed ahead of the wedding, Nist and a gaggle of friends from the show partake in an abridged bachelorette celebration. Nist organizes boudoir photoshoots, a nod to how Golden Bachelor has celebrated seniors’ sexuality. At one point, Noles admits she’s arranged a surprise for Nist and calls for the Las Vegas Chippendale dancers to make their entrance. Even if this scene had some assistance from producers, it was perfectly on brand for the proudly bawdy Noles to be the ringleader for the effort.

In a conversation between Noles, Turner, and Nist, the three discuss the friendship and bond they’ve formed over the course of filming. At one point, Noles mentions how at the end of Week 5, when she knew Turner was struggling with the thought of sending her home — they were great friends but lacked romantic chemistry — she gave him a look and tapped her heart, as if to say “I know, it’s OK.” In a sweet moment, when Nist walked down the aisle to meet a tearing up Turner at the altar, Noles made the same hand-over-heart gesture.


Noles is a former makeup artist and hairdresser, and on The Golden Bachelor we got to see her flex some of those muscles. But she has been a wedding officiant — running the service Nuptials by Noles — for over a decade. Now, we got to see her in action. Through teary eyes, Noles struck a heartfelt balance between honoring Turner and Nist’s marriage while also cracking a few zingers.


“For those of you who don’t know me,” she started, “I just don’t know why!” Moments later, she said, “Gerry and I met when I stepped out of the limo and screamed, ‘Gerry I’m gonna marry you!’ Turns out, I was right.”


The ceremony will likely be yet another pitch for Noles to officiate more weddings — and hopefully more Bachelor weddings. During the show, two Bachelor Nation alumni, Brayden Bowers and Christina Mandrell, got engaged. And recent Bachelorette Charity Lawson and her selected fiancé from the show, Dotun Olubeko, revealed they’ll be getting married in fall 2025. Noles also revealed that requests for her to officiate fans’ weddings have been pouring in since her TV stint.



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