FSU football: Will 2023 on field success parlay into elite 2025 recruiting?

The 2025 recruits will spend the rest of this spring, summer, and fall, knowing FSU has had incredible success on the field. All of the negative recruiting that used to take place from opposing schools holds no weight anymore. Mike Norvell has proven he can recruit high school players. Freshmen have played early at FSU over the past few years. He has proven he can win on the field. Mike Norvell turned down the Alabama job to stay at FSU. FSU will likely have 8+ players selected in the 2024 NFL Draft in April. Frankly, FSU coaches can go back to the 2021 season and point to success.


If we omit the 0-4 start in the 2021 season, FSU has gone 28-6 since(I’m not counting that Orange Bowl exhibition), and three of those losses are by a touchdown or less. They’ve beaten both rivals over the past two seasons and finally got over the hump against Clemson last year. They have one of the best NIL Collectives nationally and a coaching staff that’s been together for a while. I think we’ll see all of these positives culminate into an elite 2025 recruiting class signing in December with another strong performance in the field this fall.



Gideon Canice

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