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Cowboys Trade of ‘Expendable Bust’ Luke Schoonmaker to Dolphins Proposed by Media
Dallas Cowboys Trade of ‘Expendable Bust’ Luke Schoonmaker to Dolphins
Dallas Cowboys
Miami Dolphins
LAS VEGAS – The idea of the Dallas Cowboys trading away one of their tight ends because that position room puts “America’s Team” in a situation of strength is a dubious one.

But that’s not stopping some national pundits from suggesting that the blossoming of Jake Ferguson makes rookie Luke Schoonmaker “expendable” in a trade.

In this Bleacher Report scenario, it’s the Miami Dolphins – and their explosive offense – that could come to Dallas with a bid.

“That could lead to the Dolphins looking to make a trade with the Cowboys. … for Luke Schoonmaker.”

“With Schoonmaker being expendable and the Dolphins having a clear need, the teams could come together on a deal this offseason.

We recognize that this is speculative spitballing, and we’re OK with that. But we are struggling to find the logic behind the spitball.

Would Dallas wish to give up on such a high draft pick (Schoon was a second-rounder) this early on? Nah – even with some prematurely labeling the player a “bust.”

Would Dallas wish to forfeit the cap-beating advantage of having contributing players doing so on rookie contracts? Nah.

Does Dallas really have the depth to frivolously consider Schoonmaker to be “expendable”? Nah.

There is always a “price point” at which a team would listen to offers on anything and anybody. But B/R’s idea here costs Dallas a touted prospect and nets Dallas … Oh, wait. As near as we can tell, B/R neglects to inform us as to what the Cowboys gain in the deal.

Gideon Canice

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