Toby Keith’s 1993 song before a Dallas Cowboys game had him wishing he was one

Keith’s performance for a Monday Night Football game in 1993 quickly made the rounds Tuesday after his death was announced.


Keith, 62, racked up 20 No. 1 hits in his career, and off the stage he was largely known as an Oklahoma icon and diehard supporter of the University of Oklahoma. But he apparently also had a soft spot for the Dallas Cowboys, too. 


Keith, a former semi-pro football player himself, performed at the team’s 2003 Thanksgiving Day halftime show, and that wasn’t his first foray with the Cowboys.


Back in 1993, when Keith released his debut album and the Cowboys’ 90s dominance was at full tilt, Keith recorded a performance for the open of a Monday Night Football game at Texas Stadium.


Here’s the clip from the broadcast, which quickly made the rounds on X after Keith’s death was announced early Tuesday morning. 


To make the whole production even better, they kicked it off with Jimmy Johnson’s iconic “How ’bout them Cowboys?!” locker room celebration.


Keith’s revamped lyrics for the minute-long song might have been a bit mashed together…but they also kind of worked perfectly (almost).



Gideon Canice

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