FSU Board Of Trustees Call For ACC’s Lawsuit To Be Dismissed

FSU and the ACC have both filed lawsuits against one another.


The Florida State University Board of Trustees (BOT) has called for the Atlantic Coast Conference’s (ACC) lawsuit to be dismissed in North Carolina.


When the news broke of Florida State attempting to depart the conference, it seemed as though the general consensus was that FSU was fighting an uphill battle. College football fans were told that the ACC’s grant of rights was “ironclad.”


However, according to ESPN’s Andrea Adelson, Florida State’s motion is accusing the ACC of “racing to the courthouse” to file suit against the public institution. It accuses the ACC’s suit of being “fundamentally flawed” as it failed to complete a series of steps such as securing a two-thirds vote to launch litigation.


It has also failed to demonstrate that Florida State signed off on the grant of rights as it is required by Florida law, according to Adelson’s report.


One of the main arguments for FSU is that the ACC has failed to withhold its fiduciary responsibilities, among other complaints.


Florida State estimates leaving the conference would cost $572 million immediately.


In the amendment, the university name-drops former ACC Commissioner John Swofford and the deals made during the latter portion of his tenure, providing more evidence of the fiduciary irresponsibility that FSU is alleging.


“Florida State is a victim of chronic mismanagement and self-dealing by ACC leadership and finds itself unable to effectively evaluate alternatives while the Severe Withdrawal ACC Penalties and the ACC GofR (Grant of Rights) hang over Florida State’s head,” the amendment states.



Gideon Canice

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