Mike Zimmer vs. Dan Quinn? New Dallas Cowboys Defensive Coordinator ‘Will Shock the System!’ Raves Darren Woodson

Dallas Cowboys Move ‘Will Shock the System!’ Darren Woodson Raves About Mike Zimmer Hire.

But there is another sort of “shock” ready to roll its way into The Star, promises Dallas legend Darren Woodson, who promises that it’s exactly “the shock this team needs.”


“He’s going to coach hard,” said Woodson, who played under Zimmer in the Cowboys’ Super Bowl era of the 1990s. “He is tough. Hard-nosed. He is not going to be your best friend – he’s just not. Some players will not want to play for him, because the expectations will be harder than in the last few years.”


Is that a criticism of the work of predecessor Dan Quinn, now the head coach in Washington? Not exactly. Does it mean the Cowboys “run a country club atmosphere” at The Star under head coach Mike McCarthy? Nah. What is means is that change – especially if the change comes with competence – is good.


“I can’t tell you how many times he and I talked about football (this past season) – like, every week,” Woodson said. “Every week, he’s calling about so and so … He’s so engaged in the game. … He knows the game better than anyone.”


That worked then, as a high level, for Quinn’s Cowboys. But now? Here comes a “shock at The Star” with Zim’s Cowboys.


Mike Fisher – as a newspaper beat writer and columnist and on radio and TV, where he is an Emmy winner – has covered the NFL since 1983 and the Dallas Cowboys since 1990. He is the author of two best-selling books on the Cowboys.



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