Chicago Bears Fans are Sexier than Green Bay Packers fans!

The Bears also scored highly amongst female respondents who ranked them in second place!


 NFL fans (split by fanbase, age, gender, region and city) for their opinions on rival fan bases across the league, to reveal the NFL’s sexiest fans, with the Chicago Bears ranking in second place!


Despite the Chicago Bears being eliminated in week 17, the Bears are still one of the sexiest fanbases in the NFL, claiming 6.8% of the overall votes! The Bears also scored highly amongst female respondents who ranked them in second place, claiming 6.7% of the female votes.


Miami Dolphins fans ranked in third place with 6.7% of the votes. Arizona Cardinals fans secured fourth place with 5.6%, and the Green Bay Packers came fifth with 5.5% of the overall votes.


The Baltimore Ravens secured sixth place with 4.9% of the votes, while the seventh place was tied between four teams: Tampa Bay Buccaneers, San Francisco 49ers, Atlanta Falcons, and New York Giants, each gathering 4.6% of the votes.


Female football fans placed Green Bay Packers fans as the third sexiest fanbase with 6.4% of the overall votes. Whereas, male football fans placed the Miami Dolphins in second place, earning 10.1% of votes and the Los Angeles Rams in third place, earning 8.6% of votes. Washington Commanders, Indianapolis Colts and Minnesota Vikings fans placed at the bottom of the rankings, each gathering less than 2% of votes.


Fintan Costello, Managing Director of BonusFinder, commented: “The findings are not only intriguing but also showcase the undeniable allure of the league’s fanbases. The detailed breakdown of fan preferences, including gender-specific rankings, adds an extra layer of insight to the study. It’s fascinating to see the varying perceptions among male and female respondents, creating a dynamic perspective on fan attractiveness.”


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Gideon Canice

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