Matt LaFleur strikes up the band with Howard-Suamico students in Super Bowl LVIII commercial for Bellin Health

Yep, that’s the Bay Port High School band director with a starring role alongside Green Bay Packers head coach Matt LaFleur in a new Bellin Health commercial that was to debut between the third and fourth quarters of Sunday’s game.



LaFleur is shown directing band students as they try to play a drumstick as if it were a flute or a brass instrument with a violin bow. You can guess what kind of sound that makes coming from the band room.


“When things aren’t quite right, things can be less than ideal,” LaFleur says to the students. “You all belong here. We just need to make a few adjustments. All right everyone, we’re going to get you in the right place.”




With a few taps of his baton, the students are in the right chairs with the right instruments and the band is humming. Enter Siegrist, who walks in with LaFleur’s whistle.


“Coach, I believe this is yours?” he says, handing him his whistle while reaching to reclaim his baton, which LaFleur only begrudgingly gives up.


The spot ends with the tagline, “From band student to rock star, there’s only Bellin Health.”


Siegrist and his wife, Ashley Siegrist, co-direct Bay Port High School’s bands. Kyle is the grandson of Cal Siegrist, the school’s first band director.


LaFleur is hardly a rookie to Bellin Health commercials. He’s done a series of them since joining the Packers in 2019.



Gideon Canice

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