Revealed: Deion Sanders’ FSU Friend Exposes His Hilarious Nickname Before ‘Prime Time’

As Super Bowl Sunday draws near each year, Las Vegas becomes a focal point for football enthusiasts irrespective of the host city. Notable personalities like Deion Sanders and Jim Harbaugh add to the mania of the event with their presence.



Before the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers squared off at Allegiant Stadium, Coach Prime seized a moment amid the anticipation of the big game. Set against a backdrop of grandeur, captured by “Well of Media,” Sanders is joined by other influential figures from the football world. In a hilarious exchange with one of his former teammates, a well-kept secret is revealed that leaves both the Sanders boys and the audience in splits. 



During the Super Bowl event, Deion Sanders is spotted engaging in conversation with a former teammate who now works as an NFL agent. In a bantering tone, Coach Prime quips, “Hey man you got some controversy going on. What did you tell these guys, man?”  Deion Sanders Jr. joins in to ask, “What was his nickname?” “Sweet D***” replies Sanders’ former teammate leaving the boys in rolling in laughter. “His name is not Dion anymore,” laugher Sanders. Jr as Coach Prime walks out of the frame. 


Earlier in the video shared by “Well of Media,” Coach Prime was seen rooting for his son and star quarterback Shedeur who is prepping for the 2025 NFL Drafts. During their conversation, Coach Prime humorously remarks,  “I’m pretty sure he wants Shedeur, I’m pretty darn sure.” This isn’t the initial instance of Coach Prime openly supporting his sons. The Colorado head coach was seen doing something similar earlier when he crossed paths with Raiders head coach Antonio Pierce. Amidst accolades and congratulations for Pierce, Coach Prime took a moment to make a personal plea, “Now I need you to do one thing.” Sanders continued, “I need you to draft those Sanders boys.” 



Deion Sanders, known popularly as Coach Prime, didn’t acquire his nickname during his coaching tenure or NFL career alone; its origins date back to his high school days. The moniker was bestowed upon him by a childhood friend after a standout performance on the basketball court. Sanders recounted the story behind the nickname during a guest appearance on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” in February 2022. He reminisced about dropping 37 points in a game, executing two consecutive dunks, and sporting a stylishly slicked-back hairstyle. 


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It was during the bus ride home when his friend proclaimed, “You’re Prime Time,” recognizing his exceptional talent and charisma. For Sanders, the nickname wasn’t just a label; it represented a badge of honor earned through relentless effort and dedication. Growing up in the inner city, Sanders stressed that nicknames weren’t simply handed out; they had to be earned.



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