Newcomer interviews: New FSU players reflect on personal journeys, coaching staff connections, and more

OL Richie Leonard IV, RB Roydell Wiliams, WR Camdon Frier, and WR Lawayne McCoy meet with the media



However, this off-season, the four-year member of the Florida Gators traded in his orange and blue for garnet and gold to maximize his final year of eligibility.


“Just always having a lot of respect for those guys. The discipline that they had as a team…I knew entering the portal it would be a viable option for me.”


His new teammate, Camdon Frier, never could have imagined playing anywhere else. His father, Matt, was team captain of the ‘93 team, and his uncle won a national championship with the ‘Noles six years later. Frier committed almost two years before national signing day in January of 2022 and talked about his recruitment process.


“I came a Florida State fan out of the womb. It’s always had a special place in my heart. I went through my recruitment process; Coach Norvell Coach Dugans jumped on me first and made me feel wanted…My dad had a little factor, but it’s mostly Coach Norvell.”


Like Leonard, RB Roydell Williams played in the SEC last season but took motivation from former FSU running back Trey Benson.


“Just watching his tape, that guy was a monster. His playing style he’s a hard runner, physical, fast…I saw a little of myself when I watched his tape.”


Finally, Lawayne McCoy wrapped up the day and discussed idolizing Dalvin Cook, who also attended Miami Central.


“I used to always watch his highlights. He’s a Miami native, so watching his highlights motivated me to come to Florida State.”



Richie Leonard IV on his relationship with Alex Atkins: “Everything that he told me during the recruiting process has been what it has been here. He’s really on accountability, and he’s not just on what he can do for you but what you could do for you.”



Richie Leonard IV, starting us off today, mentions, “It was a quick process for me. I entered it kind of late. Florida State reached out pretty quickly after I got in. It was a good fit for them and a good fit for me.”




Richie Leonard on the off-season workouts, “Tour of Duty is the real deal. We did something similar to that at my last school, but the intensity here is on a whole other level.”



Roydell Williams on Mike Norvell, “His energy that he brings every day. The way he communicates with us as a team when we’re all together. The level of intensity is crazy.”



Roydell Williams on his play style, “Being a physical speed back. Very powerful.” He says he wants to understand the offense, and his play style revolves around making the right plays at the right times.




Roydell Williams on his Alabama teammates, “I’m very close with those guys. Whenever I had a question, I asked those guys during my recruitment process…They helped me a lot.”



Camdon Frier on his relationships, “Me and Cai, that’s my guy. We hit it off just like that. We got the same type of morals as humans, not just as players…this is a real tight-knit group…it feels like I’ve known these guys longer than a month.”




Camdon Frier on the mentality of the WR room, “There is excitement of the opportunity. But we also know that there is work to do. There are big shoes to fill…the guys are motivated, and it makes me motivated.”



Camdon Frier on his relationship with Coach Dugans, “I’ve known him for four years now…He was different to me than any other receiver coach that recruited me. He never started out with football. It was always How are you doing?”






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