Spencer Dinwiddie Gets Brutally Honest About Why He Chose the Lakers

Your Los Angeles Lakers have a new guard who goes by the name of Spencer Dinwiddie. Dinwiddie is a native of Los Angeles, and it’s a dream come true for him to play for his favorite team growing up. However, the 30-year-old guard revealed those weren’t the only reasons he chose LA.

Dinwiddie had plenty of options to choose from, but it came down to your purple and gold and the Dallas Mavericks. Dinwiddie, a former Maverick, had the chance to head back to his former team; however, he revealed to ESPN’s Dave McMenamin why he chose LA over the likes of Dallas.

“Let’s say you’re a kid and you get your ass whupped by the bully,” Dinwiddie said. “Dallas would have been like your mama, like, ‘It’s OK, baby.’ … Lakers are like your dad: ‘Nah, you better go out there and fight ‘til you win.’”

In order words, Dinwiddie wanted to go somewhere he wouldn’t have it easy. He wants the challenge of fighting for a rotation and playoff spot as we’re two months away from the end of the season.

These next two months will be crucial for the Lakers and Dinwiddie. Both will have a chance to prove they belong; Dinwiddie will prove he belongs with the team, while the Lakers will prove they are among the elite teams in the Western Conference.

It’s an analogy that didn’t sit well with the Twitter haters, but who cares? The LA native is back home, and if all pans out, he will be crucial for the late-season surge LA will look to accomplish once again.

Gideon Canice

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