Cowboys News: Zimmer reveals his plan, Giants deny access to DL coach

The idea of Mike Zimmer as the new defensive coordinator of the Cowboys is starting to sink in and has been solidified by his words at his introductory press conference. One thing that will undoubtedly accompany him to Dallas is a zero-tolerance policy. Gone are the days of the man with the backward hat and the future holds a more fundamentally sound approach. The rules of football have not changed but the defense will look different from what everyone has been accustomed to.


One custom that has long been celebrated is the Super Bowl. Behind all of the glitz and glamour the game brings, the two teams may have left behind a blueprint that can reveal the secret to their success. On social media, Cowboys fans puffed their chests out when the team denied Washington permission to speak with Cowboys assistant Al Harris. While they did lose someone else, the favor was returned by another NFC East rival. Lastly, the Dallas Cowboys lost a family member recently as former lineman Tony Hutson has passed away. All that and much more in this edition of Cowboys news and notes.


Cowboys’ gross deficiency in this metric an indictment on play design | Cowboys Wire


The NFL has been and will almost always be a copycat league. Others will undoubtedly duplicate new coaching methods that result in success. A look at a common theme among the two Super Bowl contestants reveals style isn’t as important as this metric. Could it hold the key to the Cowboys finally reaching Zion?


Former Dallas Cowboys defensive coordinator Dan Quinn was beloved by his players and had a unique way of getting the most out of them while being their friend. According to a former player, new Cowboys defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer has an opposite coaching style.


And, the Giants now have denied the Cowboys’ request for permission to meet with their defensive line coach Andre Patterson, who was the defensive line coach and co-defensive coordinator in Minnesota under Mike Zimmer. 

Former Dallas Cowboys lineman Tony Hutson has passed away. Hutson overcame a serious health issue to play in the NFL. His remarkable journey and the friendships he made with other former Cowboys players give a glimpse at how special he was.


CeeDee Lamb’s Honest Take on Cowboys’ Elimination, 49ers Comparisons | The Edge, Ep. 22


In a recent interview with fellow Cowboys superstar Micah Parsons, wideout CeeDee Lamb made it known where he wishes to land on his next contract extension. He also speaks on his mother’s criticism of Dak Prescott



The Cowboys hiring of Mike Zimmer is expected to have a great influence on how they move forward in constructing their defense. This writer equates his time as head coach of the Vikings and the dissolving of his relationship with Stefon Diggs with whether or not Diggs would want to play for the Cowboys if traded. Diggs doesn’t have a no trade clause and plays offense, but perhaps there’s something there.


Getting comfortable with the offseason requires a special skill that all fans must acquire to survive. The main component of staying sane is to keep your mind occupied. One way to do that is to familiarize yourself with the 2024 Cowboys opponents to make an educated decision on which game, home or away, you wish to attend next season.


While the Cowboys schedule is not out yet nor is expected to be announced soon, the combine, NFL free agency, and the NFL draft will put you behind the curve.


3 things Mike Zimmer needs to do as Cowboys DC: Working with Micah Parsons and more :: Dallas Morning News


Stopping the run and pressuring the quarterback has been a common phrase used in Dallas ever since the mention of Mike Zimmer’s name. The no-nonsense coach is entering a high-expectation situation and the things he needs to accomplish in Dallas will surely be magnified. Will his new style fit what Dallas needs as DC?





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