Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl parade: One person killed and 21 injured as shots fired

Kansas City officials said one person is dead after shots fired during parade for Super Bowl winners the Kansas City Chiefs on Wednesday; at least eight children among the 22 shot; three people have been arrested

One person has been killed and 21 others have been injured after a shooting during the victory parade for Super Bowl champions the Kansas City Chiefs.

The Kansas City Police Department confirmed at least 22 people suffered gunshot wounds, including the fatally injured victim, and that a number of others had suffered immediate life-threatening injuries.

Police also confirmed three people had been taken into custody, following the shooting, with the victim yet to be formally identified by law enforcement.

US President Joe Biden was among those to condemn the shooting and called for the events to “shock” the country’s legislators into reforming gun laws.

The shooting occurred near a parking garage west of Union Station, where a large crowd had gathered as players and team personnel took the stage to celebrate with fans mostly clad in Chiefs red.

Kansas City mayor Quinton Lucas said: “This is absolutely a tragedy, the likes that we never would have expected in Kansas City.

“We went out today looking to have a celebration and that celebration was marred by a shooting today.

Lucas said the Chiefs players, coaches and staff all made it safely out of the area.

Police chief Stacey Graves added: “We are still gathering information on the number and status of victims but we know that one victim is deceased.

“I am angry at what happened today. The people who came to this celebration should expect a safe environment.

“Because of bad actors, of which there were very few, this tragedy occurred.

“To the people who were injured in this tragedy, our hearts go out to you and your families.

The Kansas City Chiefs released a statement on social media, saying: “We are truly saddened by the senseless act of violence that occurred outside of Union Station at the conclusion of today’s parade and rally.

“Our hearts go out to the victims, their families, and all of Kansas City.

“We are in close communication with the Mayor’s office as well as the Kansas City Police Department. At this time, we have confirmed that all of our players, coaches, staff and their families are safe and accounted for.”

Chiefs linebacker Drue Tranquill posted on social media: “Please join me in prayer for all the victims in this heinous act. Pray that doctors & first responders would have steady hands & that all would experience full healing.”

Offensive lineman Trey Smith thanked first responders, adding: “You’re the ones who should be celebrated today.”

The parade rally was taking place directly outside Union Station as thousands lined the streets of Kansas City to celebrate the Chiefs’ 25-22 Super Bowl LVIII victory over the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday at Las Vegas. It was the team’s second consecutive championship and third in five seasons. The Chiefs have appeared in four of the past five Super Bowls.

US President Joe Biden released a statement following the tragedy, calling for an end to gun violence.

It read: “The Super Bowl is the most unifying event in America. Nothing brings more of us together. And the celebration of a Super Bowl win is a moment that brings a joy that can’t be matched to the winning team and their supporters. For this joy to be turned to tragedy today in Kansas City cuts deep in the American soul.

“Today’s events should move us, shock us, shame us into acting. What are we waiting for? What else do we need to see? How many more families need to be torn apart?

“It is time to act. That’s where I stand. And I ask the country to stand with me. To make your voice heard in Congress so we finally act to ban assault weapons, to limit high-capacity magazines, strengthen background checks, keep guns out of the hands of those who have no business owning them or handling them.

“Today, on a day that marks six years since the Parkland shooting, we learned that three police officers were shot in the line of duty in Washington, DC and another school shooting took place at Benjamin Mays High School in Atlanta. Yesterday marked one year since the shooting at Michigan State University. We’ve now had more mass shootings in 2024 than there have been days in the year.

“The epidemic of gun violence is ripping apart families and communities every day. Some make the news. Much of it doesn’t. But all of it is unacceptable. We have to decide who we are as a country. For me, we’re a country where people should have the right to go to school, to go to church, to walk the street – and to attend a Super Bowl celebration – without fear of losing your life to gun violence.

“Jill [the First Lady] and I pray for those killed and injured today in Kansas City, and for our country to find the resolve to end this senseless epidemic of gun violence tearing us at the seams.”

Gideon Canice

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