Tiger Woods optimistic for PGA Tour return after successful ankle surgery

Tiger Woods expressed confidence ahead of his return to the PGA Tour at the Genesis Invitational following successful recovery from ankle surgery



Tiger Woods has declared himself “pain-free” ahead of his anticipated return to the PGA Tour at the Genesis Invitational, set to commence this Thursday. T


he 15-time major champion expressed optimism about his physical condition, emphasizing his successful recovery from ankle surgery undergone in April 2023.


Despite the positive update, Woods acknowledged the ongoing adjustment process following the surgery, a procedure necessitated by complications stemming from a leg injury sustained in a 2021 car crash.


Having last competed in December, the 48-year-old disclosed that while his ankle no longer causes discomfort, other areas of his body have assumed added strain, paralleling the adjustments his back had undergone following fusion.


“I have two different body parts that are now fused. Other parts of the body have to adapt,” explained Woods, who plans to participate in approximately one event per month in the current year.


Reflecting on his recent setbacks, including withdrawing from the Masters in April 2023, Woods affirmed his enduring passion for the sport and his commitment to prolonged participation.


Despite challenges, he remains dedicated to competitive golf and expressed his love for the game, asserting, “This is the game of a lifetime and I don’t ever want to stop playing.”



Gideon Canice

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