Celtics fans give Brad Stevens high marks for the trade deadline deals (NBA Reacts)

He just keeps hitting solid singles and doubles for the Boston Celtics



As part of the NBA Reacts survey, we asked you to grade the Celtics trade deadline. It looks like the majority of you had very favorable marks for Brad Stevens and the front office. 40% of you gave him an outright A while the majority of voters (52%) gave him a B.


I don’t honestly know what to say about the 1% that gave him an F. Except maybe to note that “some people just like to watch the world burn.”



Looking around at the competition in the East, most of you still have a healthy respect for the Bucks and their star power (not to mention a recent championship). Others are looking at the newly improved Knicks as the biggest threat to the Celtics this year.


And of course some of you just can’t get past the Miami Heat, and honestly I can’t blame you.





Gideon Canice

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