Is Tiger Woods Secretly a Taylor Swift Stan? Latest Rumor Leaves Golf Fans Bewildered: ‘Man of the People’

Can you beat it that Tiger Woods is a fan of Michel Jackson and Prince? Sadly, the king of pop is no longer among us, nor is Prince to make the world dance in the Purple Rain. So whose tunes did Woods turn to? Well, it’s none other than 14-time Grammy winner Taylor Swift. It’s not every day that the worlds of golf and music come together. But when they do, the news surely attracts tons of attention.



Well, it’s not the first time the two icons’ names have been put next to each other. Back in September 2023, an intense battle between the Swifties and Mr.T’s fans broke out, and the reason behind the fan war was—who was the more famous of the two? Well, the Swifties emerged victorious in that battle. But this time it’s not the fans fighting but one legend appreciating the other’s work.


Claire Roger from chose to share the “incredible news.” with the world through her X handle, which spoke about the 82-time PGA Tour winner having attended a Swifts Era Tour concert back in 2023 and stated, “Just received confirmation that Tiger Woods attended Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour concert last year.”



Just received confirmation that Tiger Woods attended Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour concert last year which is incredible news



The Tiger-Taylor crossover was surely unexpected but it seems it was definitely accepted by both the pop star and the golfer’s fans alike. The netizens wasted no time in sharing their thoughts about the said news, which prompted a series of fun and hilarious responses.


The biggie of golf being a fan of Swift’s music made many fans jump with joy, while one fan made a list of Woods’s songs from Swift’s album and another claimed it to be the biggest win Woods has had after the 2019 Masters win.


Tiger Woods last won a major in the 2019 Masters but as his rumored admiration for Taylor Swift’s music gets confirmed, this fan concludes that it was the 16th major win for Woods.



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