Amid Affair With Lewis Hamilton, What Was the Shakira Pregnancy Rumor? Shocking Predictions & More

After the Miami Grand Prix in May, F1 great Lewis Hamilton and global music sensation Shakira were spotted enjoying each other’s company on a yacht, which drew significant media attention. Adding fuel to the speculation, Hamilton teased his fans by suggesting, “Maybe I need to find myself a Latina,” which resonated with the crowd and hinted at a possible romance between the two icons.


Amid all the buzz, a pregnancy prediction for Shakira has raised eyebrows. Incidentally, this prediction comes from the same astrologer who previously predicted her split from longtime partner Gerard Pique. So, is this all happening for real? And what is the role of Hamilton in all this?



Cuban Astrologer, Mhoni Vidente, recently stated that Shakira could be expecting a child soon, specifically from an athlete or a recent acquaintance. Yes, we’re thinking the same thing as you are. Athlete and Lewis Hamilton seem to go hand in hand. This prediction aligns with reports that suggested Shakira’s possible inclination towards motherhood soon.  However, there is a twist in the tale. The prediction also states that Shakira might consider surrogacy due to the risks associated with pregnancy at her age.


Meanwhile, amidst all these speculations, Shakira’s focus seems unwavering. While the Waka-Waka singer hasn’t addressed her relationship rumors with the F1 racer directly, she once expressed her future plans, by saying, “I’m in a very exciting moment in my career.” While her passion for music continues to soar, her primary driving force remains her family, especially her children.


During her relationship with Pique, Shakira became a mother of two boys. But post her split, the media spotlight has been rife with speculations about her personal life. While the biggest rumor linked her with Lewis Hamilton, this seems to lean more towards friendship than a romantic association.


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But there’s a twist waiting for anyone who straight away jumped to the conclusion that Shakira is gonna be a mother soon.


The buzz around Lewis Hamilton and Shakira post-Miami GP had many guessing about the direction of their relationship. While they were the center of attention a short while ago, Shakira’s absence from recent F1 events has ignited speculations. The story took another twist as Hamilton made a surprising revelation about his personal wishes.



Hamilton, approaching 39, seems to have a changed perspective now. In a recent discussion with, when probed about the thought of fatherhood given his advancing age, Hamilton’s response was unexpected. He remarked, “Not at the moment. No. I don’t have time for that – I enjoy being an uncle!”


This brings up intriguing questions. Was Shakira the partner that Hamilton had envisioned starting a family with? With their seeming split, has Hamilton’s stance on fatherhood been influenced? Additionally, the prediction about Shakira becoming a mother has added another layer to the mystery. It remains to be seen how this narrative unfolds and what the future holds for the racing legend and the pop icon. What are your thoughts on this entire saga? Let us know in the comments below.



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