F1 News: Max Verstappen Warns Lewis Hamilton Of “Awkward” Year Ahead

Max Verstappen implies that Lewis Hamilton’s final season with Mercedes will not be ordinary in terms of team dynamics.

Three-time world champion Max Verstappen has not only suggested that a big move like Lewis Hamilton’s switch to Ferrari was leaked beforehand, but he also emphasizes that it is going to be an “awkward” last year for the Mercedes driver.

Max Verstappen suggests that Lewis Hamilton’s move to Ferrari may have been leaked before the official announcement.

The Red Bull driver believes that Hamilton’s early announcement could be a result of a leak, prompting him to make an official statement.

Verstappen anticipates that Hamilton’s interactions with the team might become routine on the track, but he could be excluded from discussions about future title contenders and other critical matters. Despite the potential awkwardness, Verstappen acknowledges the professional dynamics and expects the team to continue supporting Hamilton on the track.

Early this month, Hamilton shocked the world with his announcement of moving to Ferrari in 2025. However, he still has a year left to go with the Brackley outfit, and Verstappen thinks it won’t be a normal last season for the seven-time world champion.

Perhaps, his interactions might become routine once he’s behind the wheel, but when it comes to discussions about future title contenders or other crucial matters, he might be requested to refrain from participating in the meeting room.

Speaking to The Times, Verstappen said that Hamilton’s switch to Ferrari might have been leaked by someone and as a result, he might have been forced to come forward and announce it officially. He said:

“I think it must have been leaked because to announce something that big that early in the season.

“I think for sure, for the rest of the year, I would say it’s a little bit awkward.

“Even though you have had a lot of success together, you can’t be included into everything anymore.

“For sure he has a great relationship with everyone, especially Toto, but at one point Toto for sure will tell him: ‘Look, I know we’ve had all this success, but you can’t be part of certain meetings any more.’

“That is normal in F1. It’s probably a bit weird. But you are professional enough to deal with that.

“It’s not like they are suddenly enemies. He has achieved so many great things with them. They are still behind him.

“It’s just [that] you know at one point you can’t share certain stuff.

“But once he’s sitting in the car they will of course go flat out for him.”

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