Tiger Woods’s Daughter Sam’s Regional Finals Dream Gets Taken Away

Tiger Woods‘s daughter is not following her father’s legacy! Her younger brother, however, Charlie Woods, has become a sensation in the golf world. Thanks to his uncanny resemblance to his father’s skills and manners. But how is Sam not stepping into the Woods’s legacy? Well, she doesn’t play golf! She plays soccer on a regional level, and she is supposedly good at it too! But her recent game tells a different story!


The 19-year-old had recently participated in a regional final qualifying match. Her team, Benjamin Buccaneers, was coming off a 17-0 record, and this was their qualifying match for the Class 3A Girls Soccer Regional Finals, which is one step toward reaching the State Championship finals. They were playing against the King’s Academy in the semi-finals. It was expected that the Benjamins would win the game. The game started, and no team scored any goals full-time.

After the 20 minutes of overtime ended with a 0-0 score, it was time for penalty shots. Sam Woods’s team shot three penalty goals; however, the King’s Academy shot four and won the penalty kicks. Unfortunately, the unbeaten team of Sam Woods had to face a defeat and lost their chances for the regional finals against Edgewood’s.

Sam Woods’s team is the second-best school in Florida and ranks 9th in the United States. With the stellar team stats, it was indeed a disappointing turn of events! This defeat pushed Benjamin Buccaneers out of the race for the state championship. The team is now down to 3rd in the district rankings. While this was disheartening, has Sam Woods ever won a game at Benjamin School?

Sam Woods’s wins and stats at Benjamin School

Sam Woods is the 25th-ranked player in 3A D11 stats and has made seven goals in her three years at the Benjamin Buccaneers. In the last State Championship qualifiers, Sam Woods’s team played against the Edgewoods. But then as well, they could not capitalize and win the semi-final.



However, they won the District Championship in Palm Beach in 2023 and clinched the Ryan Rogers Remembrance Soccer Tournament later in August. Although Benjamin School’s girls soccer team has not won a title at the state level in the last three years, with the upcoming days scheduled for the championship, the soccer team will have plenty of time to try for the State Championship next year!


Gideon Canice

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