College Football Analyst Pins FSU Football as Best Team In ACC

The Florida State Seminoles don’t currently have the best relationship with the ACC, and they’ll be out of the conference at their first chance. Still, the Seminoles remain in the conference and are coming off a season that saw them win the ACC Championship against Louisville.

Having built on a few years of momentum, Florida State’s resurgence behind Mike Norvell seems to be one that will see continuous success in Tallahassee, though the program will have a fresh look next season.

Norvell will be able to begin building sustained success next season if he’s able to have another good year with the program while dealing with roster turnover with the NFL Draft and transfer portal.

College football analyst Josh Pate provided updated ACC program power rankings leading up to the spring, which saw Florida State jump to the top spot.

“Florida State University is the best program in the ACC right now, and here’s what I’m taking into account — I care about the last three years of on-field production, talent acquisition, I care about your stability along with you resource pool,” Pate said.

Evidently, if those are the things to look at when determining what the best program is in the conference, the Seminoles truly check every box. Norvell has brought back what seems to be stability and consistency to the program, though the next couple of seasons will be very, very telling of that.

“They are 23-4 over the past couple of seasons. They got three top-20 classes in the last three years, They’re number one in the ACC in portal classes the last three years and Mike Norvell just got himself locked in long-term,” Pate continued.


The Seminoles seem to be covered when it comes to stability. From the beginning of the transfer portal movement, they’ve found success and embraced the new era of college football.

“Florida State, for the first time in a long time, ascends to the top of the ACC program power rankings. It’s been Clemson forever. Got Clemson at number two right now,” Pate said.


Florida State was in contention for a National Championship this season, and those hopes were only shut down because of Jordan Travis’ season-ending leg injury. Evidently, that’s a sign of an incredible program and the Seminoles will continue to prove to be just that.



Gideon Canice

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