Packers Consider Cutting David Bakhtiari: Jets Signing All-Pro to Protect Aaron Rodgers?

Cab should be enough to entice the veteran – along with the excitement of playing with Rodgers again. 


Should the Jets even pay that kind of money, though? 


Unfortunately for Gang Green, the free-agent tackle market isn’t exactly solid this year. You have some young depth players like Eagles tackle Jack Driscoll and Bengals starter Jonah Williams. You, then, have the aging veterans like Smith, Bakhtiari, and Trent Brown. 


No team should willingly drop major cash on this free agent class – especially when the draft class is a historical group. 



New York needs quality starters along the offensive line which means they will be dishing out some money for a tackle in the offseason. What kind of tackle depends on the amount they are willing to spend, the offense they run, and the depth at the position. 


That’s what makes Bakhtiari a logical signing for the Jets this offseason. Are there significant injury concerns? Yes. But for a veteran who won’t be commanding a top contract that understands the offensive system, the Jets could do a lot worse than a former All-Pro. 


Even if it means potentially catering to the wants of Rodgers some more. 



Gideon Canice

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