Stephen A. Smith hospitalized after training accident involving Dallas Cowboys’ Micah Parsons

Smith later provided his version of the story, which differed from Qerim’s account.


“They had the practice last night and Shannon [Sharpe] didn’t show up, so I go there ’cause I got to scout my team, ’cause I got to see who I’m a play, who I’m a put on the bench, ’cause I’m not losing this game tonight, okay?” Smith said.


“And the next thing you know, that damn Micah Parsons is on the basketball acting like he’s trying to sack quarterbacks and stuff and pushing people around.


“So after that, they were sitting up there and he and I were shooting around, shooting against one another, and there was sweat on the floor…


“And literally I was about to pull up, just shoot it, I literally bust my ass, I mean, feet flying in the air and everything, BOW… it was like I was sliding in the third base.”


The game will air on Friday on ESPN at 7 p.m., and Parsons injuring his opposing coach with a crossover is probably all the hype they’ll need.



Gideon Canice

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