Tiger Woods’s Daughter Sam’s Regional Finals Dream Gets Taken Away; Latest Soccer Game Explored

In 2018, GOLF.com asked Tiger Woods if his kids had any interest in following his footsteps into the golf world. “No, not really. They’re keen into soccer,” he said. Six years later, his son, Charlie Woods, has become a sensation in the golf world, in part thanks to his uncanny resemblance to his father’s skills and mannerisms. Sam Woods, on the other hand? She’s stayed passionate about soccer, even competing for the Benjamin Buccaneers on the regional level. However, what was deemed to be a remarkable season for the team ended in heartbreak.



The 19-year-old and her team were one step away from the Florida High School Athletics Association’s Class 3A Girls Soccer Regional Finals. Coming into the semifinals with a 17-0 record this season, the Benjamin Buccaneers were the No.1-ranked team in Class 3A, No.2 in Florida, and No.9 in the US. Needless to say, the odds were in their favor against the King’s Academy Lions, who had an 11-4-2 record. However, as the game kicked off on February 9, the Lions proved to be more formidable than expected.


Despite being without their star player, Lola Hathorne, the Lions displayed their defensive prowess. But so did Sam Woods’ Buccaneers. After a goalless regulation play, the match went into 20 minutes of overtime. However, both teams held their ground, and overtime ended with a 0-0 score. That meant an impending penalty shootout.



Sam Woods’ team took the first shot, but the Lions goalkeeper stopped it. But as the Lions stepped up to the spot, their first penalty was saved, too. With both teams scoring their next two penalties, it was 2-2. But when Woods’ team missed another, King’s Academy saw an opening and took it, leading 3-2. They needed to score just once more to seal the deal, and that’s precisely what they did. Unfortunately, that meant Woods’ team’s unbeaten run came to an end, and so did their season.


Having lost their chance to go up against Edgewood in the Regional Finals, given their stellar stats, the match was a disappointing turn of events for Benjamin School. This defeat pushed Sam Woods and her team out of the race for the State Championship as well, dropping down to third in the district rankings. While this was disheartening, especially after the 5-0 result of the same fixture a year ago, they’ll “learn from this and come back stronger,” per their coach.


As for Sam Woods, what has her three years at Benjamin School looked like so far?



Sam Woods is the 25th-ranked player in 3A D11 stats and has scored 7 goals in her 3 years with the Benjamin Buccaneers, having played 46 varsity games. This season alone, she played in 15 games, scoring 4 goals and making 2 assists. After defeating the Lions in the semifinals last year, Woods’ team played against this season’s regional champions, Edgewood. However, they missed out on the state semifinals as Edgewood got the better of them.




However, the Buccaneers won the District Championship in Palm Beach in 2023 and clinched the Ryan Rogers Remembrance Soccer Tournament later in August. Although Benjamin School’s girls soccer team has not won a title at the state level in the last three years, Sam Woods & Co. will aim to come back stronger next season, making the most of their chances to play for the State Championship!



Gideon Canice

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