Rory McIlroy signing for LIV Golf is a ‘possibility’ as former agent gives Ryder Cup example

Rory McIlroy has softened his stance on LIV Golf having accept “this is part of our sport now”.


Rory McIlroy’s former agent believes there is a ’10 per cent possibility’ the four-time major winner could complete a shock U-turn and sign for LIV Golf.


When the Saud-backed league first emerged as a serious threat to the landscape of professional golf, McIlroy quickly became one of the more vocal players against it.


The Northern Irishman criticised players who previously committed to the PGA Tour only to go back on their word and join LIV.


Back in August 2022, McIlroy expressed his “hatred” at what LIV had “done to the game of golf”.


But fast forward to December 2023 and McIlroy’s stance had seemingly softened following Jon Rahm’s £450million deal.


McIlroy still dislikes how golf’s best players have been divided with the majors the only chance for them to play against each other.


However, McIlroy’s climb down in kicking off against LIV Golf and the players who jumped ship indicates to his former agent, Andrew ‘Chubby’ Chandler, that he could even make the move himself one day.


The 34-year-old famously called the Ryder Cup nothing more than an “exhibition” event.


But Chandler points out how McIlroy is now arguably more supportive of the Ryder Cup than any other professional and feels something similar could easily happen with LIV.


“Rory is not shy in having an opinion and not slow to apologise if he’s got that wrong,” he told Bunkered.


“When he turned pro in 2008 we were sat on a bench at Gleneagles and I had Rory telling me that the Ryder Cup meant nothing at all to him.


“‘It was just an exhibition match. I’m here to win majors.’ There’s nobody bigger into the Ryder Cup now than Rory McIlroy.”


Chandler added: “Rory is of the ilk that he’ll say something because he likes to have an opinion but he’s quite happy to apologise for it and that’s what he’s done.


“If you were being cynical, you might say he’s going to sign for about £750million in a month’s time with LIV because he’s paving the way that LIV’s okay now, whereas it wasn’t.


“Who knows? He doesn’t need £750m but it’s odd what he’s done and I’m sure it’s a possibility.


“If he does it or not, I don’t know, but if Rahm can do it, most guys can do it.


“I think number one, there’s a 10 per cent possibility he’s favouring his way to sign for LIV, but he realises that the whole bickering and fighting is no good for golf.


“The man in the street must find it appalling the sums of money being spoken.”


Chandler, who begun working with McIlroy when he first turned professional and was dumped before his win at Pebble Beach in 2010, also feels sorry for his former client while taking aim at PGA Tour commissioner Jay Monahan.


“In Rory’s defence its very difficult for him because every time he does a press conference everybody wants to get him to talk about LIV and the PGA Tour,” Chandler added.


“It must be pretty wearing for him to answer questions for something he shouldn’t be involved in.


“How Jay Monahan has a job I have no idea. He’s managed to hang out to dry the whole of the PGA Tour who went to LIV, and the whole of the PGA Tour who didn’t go to LIV, but he’s still there. Its frightening.”



Gideon Canice

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