NFL draft expert identifies 2 positions for Browns 2nd round pick

Daniel Jeremiah thinks Cleveland should look defense early in the NFL draft


The NFL combine kicks off next week with coaches and GM interviews on Tuesday and Wednesday and a load of information. Every year, we get the NFL Network’s top NFL draft expert answering media questions before the combine begins. For years, Mike Mayock was the voice on the other end of the conference call but then he took a job as the GM of the Las Vegas Raiders.


The Thursday before the combine, Jeremiah talked about a variety of topics all over the draft including his thoughts on the Cleveland Browns first selection, which comes in the second round this year:


If we’re looking at the Cleveland Browns, you’re looking at some D-tackles and maybe some linebackers. So if I look in that range, second round defensive tackle, Braden Fiske is one that I really, really like from Florida State who transferred out of the MAC. He is a really, really good player.


Besides Fiske, DJ brought up DT Mason Smith, LB Junior Colson out of Michigan and LB Payton Wilson from NC State.


Neither position is overly exciting for Browns fans but speaks to where the talent is expected to be in the late part of the second round. All four players named by Jeremiah could be helpful to Cleveland but, unlike defensive end or wide receiver, will not be seen as game-changing selections by many fans and media.



Gideon Canice

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