Who is Tiger Woods’ Son? All about Charlie Woods

In 2009, Tiger Woods and his former wife Elin Nordegren celebrated the birth of their son, Charlie Axel Woods. Here’s all you know about Charlie Woods.



Born in Cypress, California on December 30, 1975, Tiger Woods, the American professional golfer, stands as one of the all-time greats in golf.


He owns numerous golf records, including being tied for the most PGA Tour wins and claiming 15 major championships.


By the age of 20 in 1996, he had turned professional and rapidly established his dominance in the sport. His net worth exceeds $1 billion.

In Barbados on October 5, 2004, Tiger Woods wed Elin Nordegren. Before he proposed in South Africa during a safari trip in late November 2003, they had dated for nearly 18 months.




The couple has two children together; their daughter Sam Alexis was born in 2007 and their son Charlie Axel followed in 2009.


However, the revelation of Woods’ adultery in late 2009 began the unraveling of their marriage, which ended officially in a divorce on August 23, 2010.


Who is Charlie Woods?


Golf legend Tiger Woods’ son, Charlie Woods, has turned heads with his outstanding golfing abilities.


His impressive performance in the Florida high school state golf championship, where he played alongside The Benjamin School’s boys team, significantly contributed to their victory.


At only 14, he shot two astounding rounds, scoring 78 and 76 respectively.



Advised by his father, a 15-time major champion, Charlie has modeled his golf swing after Rory McIlroy, rather than copying Tiger’s style.


The father-son duo often participates together in tournaments such as the PNC Championship, making memorable experiences for them both.


There are noticeable similarities between Tiger’s golf swing and Charlie’s, but Tiger points out that Charlie utilizes his legs more efficiently in his swing.


Despite his tender age, Charlie demonstrates immense potential in the golf world, continuously nurturing his skills under the watchful eye of his father.


What’s the Sentimental Meaning Behind Charlie’s Name?


Tiger Woods, the iconic golfer, named his son, Charlie Woods, after Charlie Sifford, an African American golf pioneer who shattered professional golf’s color barrier. Sifford was greatly respected and seen as a grandfather figure by Tiger. 




Tiger expressed his profound relationship with Sifford and his naming his son in his honor during a Presidential Medal of Honor speech.


Sifford’s name, “Charlie,” denotes sentimental significance for Tiger, symbolizing his esteem and gratitude for the groundbreaking golfer who made a path for golfers like himself.


Moreover, the middle name of Charlie, “Axel,” translates to “peace’s father” in Swedish, a way of appreciating the Swedish heritage of Elin Nordegren.


Charlie Woods’ Sister: Sam Alexis


Born on June 18, 2007, in Orlando, Florida, Sam Alexis Woods is the daughter of the legendary golfer, Tiger Woods, and his former wife, Elin Nordegren. Additionally, she is the older sister to Charlie Woods.




The choice of the name “Sam” originated from Tiger Woods’ childhood when his father would often call him Sam. Most of Sam’s life revolves around her interests, which include various sports like soccer, golf, and tennis, as well as horseback riding.


Despite her interests, what takes precedence in Sam’s life is her education. Her parents’ split in 2010 didn’t affect her relationship with her sibling and both children equally share their parents’ residences in southern Florida.


Sam Woods has maintained a low profile, staying mostly out of the public view.



Charlie and his sister have been prominent figures at their father’s tournaments for a long time. A memorable moment is from the 2009 AT&T National when infant Charlie was captured receiving a kiss from his father.




As they matured, their roles at these tournaments also expanded. Notably, both children served as caddies for Tiger at the Masters’ Par 3 Contest in 2015, donning matching uniforms.


Charlie didn’t just stop offering support at tournaments; he was there for his dad during the 2022 Golf Hall of Fame induction.


His sister Sam also played a significant role by delivering an introduction speech at the ceremony.


Tiger upholds a clear distinction between kinship and comradeship with Charlie. He reinforces their father-son bond by reminding Charlie not to address him as a friend, underscoring the significance of their parental relationship.


How Did Charlie Woods Help Tiger Woods With His Car Crash Recovery?


On February 23, 2021, a car crash inflicted severe damage to Tiger Woods’ right leg, shattering his ankle and fracturing his leg in multiple places.


Because of these injuries, he developed arthritis in his right ankle, leading to a surgical intervention later that year.


Furthermore, in April 2023, he experienced subtalar fusion surgery for post-traumatic arthritis, a consequence of a previous talus fracture.


In Tiger Woods’ daunting recovery journey after the car crash in 2021, vital emotional and practical assistance came from his family, particularly his son Charlie.


The family’s public statements denoted their unwavering optimism and faith in Woods’ capacity to surmount the obstacles presented by his injuries.




Is Tiger His Son’s Golf Coach?


Charlie, exhibiting impressive golfing talent, has his father, Tiger, to thank for some guidance. Tiger’s father, Earl Woods, was his strict yet inspirational mentor. However, Tiger adopts a much gentler approach for his son.


Tiger enjoys golfing with Charlie but doesn’t take on the primary coaching role. Charlie is honing his golf skills under Toby Harbeck, the Head Boys’ Golf Coach at the Benjamin School in South Florida.


While Tiger extends his support and shares wisdom, he refrains from being Charlie’s main golf tutor to foster independence in his growth.


This method also safeguards Charlie from undue stress associated with his father’s iconic reputation.


Charlie Woods: Following in His Father’s Footsteps


Charlie Woods, at 15, is carving his own in professional golf, just like his father, Tiger Woods, did.


He recently competed as a qualifier for the PGA Tour’s Cognizant Classic in Palm Beaches, aiming for a spot in the primary event.


This aligns with his aspiration to follow his father’s fame, who himself began his remarkable journey at 16.


Despite the constant attention because of his family heritage, Charlie has showcased promise and talent in several golf tournaments, including the yearly PNC Championship, a tournament for parents and children.


Charlie Woods Achievements


Charlie Woods already boasts notable accolades in his emerging golf career. He has outdone his father, Tiger Woods, by snapping up the Florida high school golf state title at only 14 years old, something his father was never able to do during his high school career.


Not only that, but Charlie has also partnered with his dad in the parent-child PNC Championship, where they achieved an impressive second-place finish in 2021.




By exhibiting extraordinary capabilities in various golf tournaments, Charlie projects a bright future in the sport.


These early triumphs spotlight Charlie’s potential and success, showing the world that he’s well on his way to making his mark in golf just like his father.


Charlie Woods’ PGA Tour Quest


Charlie Woods, at the age of 15, is attempting to qualify for the PGA Tour’s Cognizant Classic. On Thursday, his first test will be a pre-qualifier match that will take place at Hobe Sound, Florida’s Lost Lake Golf Club.




Should he prove successful, the next stop for him will be a qualifier at the Palmer Course of Tesoro Club, located in Port St. Lucie, Florida, happening on Monday.


The top quartet of players from this qualifier will gain a place in the upcoming Cognizant Classic set to take place from Feb. 29th to March 3rd at Palm Beach Gardens, Florida’s PGA National Resort.


Should Charlie be able to qualify, it will fast-track his debut in the PGA Tour, besting his father’s record who debuted at 16. For now, Charlie Woods is studying as a freshman at The Benjamin School located in Palm Beach, Florida.



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