F1 News: Lewis Hamilton “Abused So Many Times” Says Ferrari Insider By The Media

Hamilton has been the subject of ‘abuse’ on several occasions that he’s “just given up talking”.



Former Ferrari team manager and journalist Peter Windsor has blamed the media for picking on seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton on several occasions and abusing him in the process, all for ‘engaging content’ and half-baked controversies.



Peter Windsor, a former Ferrari team manager and journalist, criticized the media for frequently targeting seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton, accusing them of abusing him for the sake of creating engaging content and half-baked controversies.Windsor suggested that Hamilton’s status as the most successful F1 driver is exploited by the media, using him as a tool for generating stories through provocative questions. According to Windsor, this has led Hamilton to “give up talking to the press.”Expressing disappointment in the culture of Formula 1, Windsor highlighted the perceived nastiness and media bullying within the sport. He stressed the importance of recognizing that drivers, including Hamilton, are human beings deserving of privacy.


Windsor hinted at how Hamilton’s image of being the most successful driver in Formula 1 is being used by the media to use him as a tool to cook stories through “stupid questions”, a reason why he has “given up talking to the press”.



He also expressed his disappointment with the culture within Formula 1, describing it as “quite nasty”, apart from highlighting the prevalence of media bullying, emphasizing the need to recognize that drivers are human beings who deserve privacy.


Revealing his thoughts in an interview with Cameron F1, Windsor explains how the media has been ‘abusing’ Hamilton and other drivers by crossing the line for the sake of views. He said:


“He’s [Hamilton] been abused so many times by stupid questions from journalists who just want to provoke him into saying something that they can misquote and put in a big black bold headline.


“He’s just given up really talking to the press in any sort of meaningful way and it’s very sad that the press these days has done that.”




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